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Wilderness Survival Guide

Wilderness Survival Guide


Another title for this book could have been How to Not Die in the Woods. Hell, we could have written that book ourselves. It would’ve been very short, though. One sentence, in fact:

Don’t go in the woods.

But this isn’t a Horror movie (or at least you don’t believe it is) so you’re probably gonna wander off into the woods at some point in your life for one reason or another. Camping, hiking, exploring – whatever word you come up with for the thing you do when you dare Mother Nature to end your life any of five hundred ways.

In any of those situations, this is the type of book you will want to have already read. Which is to say, this shouldn’t be one of those books you buy and put on top of the stack of other books you’ve bought and not read at all.

The guide is broken down into four, self-explanatory sections: Sustenance, Orientation, Safety & Warmth. That’s all you need. It’s that simple. Buy this book. Read this book.

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