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Hidden Camera in Fake Lighter

Hidden Camera in Fake Lighter

Everyone likes spy stuff. Just look at how valuable the James Bond franchise is!

This is the kind of spycam any one of us would have loved to get our hands on as a kid. But now, as adults who maybe actually have need of a gadget like this from time to time, we never even remember that it exists!

For less than twenty bucks, this “cigarette lighter” comes with a 4GB memory card, takes 1280 x 1024 still photos and records audio/video at 720 x 480 resolution. The battery is rechargeable and the device comes with instructions and a USB cable.

There’s a subtle LED hidden in the body of the lighter that signals when you’re in recording mode. Hook up to a Windows device to export your footage and you’re good to go!

Oh, you should probably be a smoker of some kind to try to use this, if that part isn’t obvious. Actually, if that part wasn’t obvious, you should never try to do anything sneaky, okay?

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