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8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses

8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses

Let ’em know you’re too cool for any school except the old school with these throwback shades designed as a nod to the days of 8-bit pixelated video games!

Flappy Bird, Tiny Tower, Fist of Awesome… These mega-popular game apps are developed with the charming visual aesthetic of 8-bit color graphics, meant to give off an old-school NES-like vibe.

8-bit is making a huge comeback in pop culture right now. Not only in phone games, either. Toys, art, clothing, cosplay, porn… (Yep. Not joking.)

And these awesome sunglasses!

Each order comes with one blue pair and one green pair of pixelated sunglasses. If you look closely at the bottom corners, you can see that the frames aren’t just wrapped in a pixelated design but physically cut into that “boxy” pixel outline. Too cool!

These sell out often so get yours while you can!

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