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To Be or Not To Be Framed Print

To Be or Not To Be Framed Print

Yes, it’s very clever. Quite clever, indeed.

“To be or not to be” rendered in the language of a Rebus puzzle. (That’s what they call these pictographic teasers like the ones under Mickey’s beer bottle caps.)

We like this for office decor. It’s the perfect size for living on a corner of the desk or you could mount it on the wall if you prefer that. The reason it makes the most sense for office flair is, as long as you don’t literally point directly at it and say “don’t you think I’m smart for thinking this is funny,” the fact is that most people who get the joke probably will really think you’re smart for thinking this is funny. And being thought of as smart at work is almost always a good thing, unless you’re afraid of having to do real work and getting a promotion, in which case, you know, don’t.

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