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Home Flotation Tank

Home Flotation Tank

You don’t need to own anything on this planet except a (reasonably healthy) body and mind in order to meditate.

If you’ve let your sitting practice slide due to this excuse or that, sorry to tell you that we aren’t cutting you any slack.

That being said, anyone who’s taken their sessions into a sensory deprivation flotation tank can tell you that it’s a whole new ballgame. Transcendental meditation in particular can see much better results when there’s less, uh, everything to transcend.

Flotation tanks are not that affordable to own, however. In fact, there aren’t even that many places around the continent where you can rent time in one.

A company called Zen Float set out to change that by creating these affordable flotation tents!

They’re still not a cheap investment but it’s a huge step towards making “the float” more accessible to more humans!

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