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Pre-Owned Domino’s Pizza Rolex

Pre-Owned Domino's Pizza Rolex

This is the most millennial product, maybe ever.

Stick with us.

This is a pre-owned 1997 Rolex with the Domino’s Pizza logo on it.

Let’s roll through that one more time with some additional commentary.

Pre-Owned Rolex.

Someone bought a Rolex, presumably in the year 1997 or shortly thereafter.

Rolexes do not, as far as anyone at drunkMall is aware, come with fast food logos on them, specifically Domino’s Pizza logos. We can only assume that the owner of said Rolex had the Domino’s Pizza logo added to the watch after purchasing it.

Who would do that?!

Who would spend thousands of dollars on a timepiece and then get the logo for a cheap pizza delivery company added to the face of it?!

A supremely epic individual, that’s who.

And now this watch can be yours for the low, low price of $3,395!

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