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Caped Superman Socks

Caped Superman Socks

Look, down at the ground!

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s a pair of awesome caped superman socks!

Yes, that’s exactly right! It’s a pair of crew socks designed to look like the classic and iconic Superman costume. The red, the gold, the blue. The briefs-on-the-outside-with-a-belt-loop. The “S” logo. And, yes, the cape!

It’s the cape that makes these socks really bizarre. Who had that thought? Who was sitting around thinking, “You know, caped socks should be a thing…”???

Well, whoever made these socks, apparently. And get this: they also make caped Batman socks, caped Wonder Woman socks… There’s a whole world of caped socks out there and nobody ever even talks about it!

Grab a pair of these socks before they become the hot new thing. Hey, remember white belts and lip rings? It could happen!

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