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12 Pack of Tic Tac

12 Pack of Tic Tac

There’s “not terrible” breath and then there’s Tic Tac breath.

The difference is huge and noticeable.

If it’s so easy to have Tic Tac breath then why would you ever settle for “not terrible” breath? You’re better than that. You deserve better and the people around you deserve better.

But sometimes a box of Tic Tac just isn’t to be found or supplies run out.

drunkMall has a solution!

Buy Tic Tac in bulk!

Here’s a case with 12 boxes of Tic Tac – so you can put one in your car, in your desk at work, in the drawer of your nightstand for morning sex, on the shelf in your closet for closet sex…

Basically we recommend keeping a box of Tic Tac anywhere that has the possibility of being a location you’ll visit within an hour or so before initiating sex or kissing.

You’ll thank us later!

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