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Backseat Air Mattress

Backseat Air Mattress

Catch some real sleep in the backseat with this specially designed air mattress!

Everyone wants shotgun when they’re a kid but, after you grow up, the smart ones know that the backseat is the place to be, especially on a road trip!

Let that sucker in the passenger seat do all the navigating and talking and keeping the driver awake.

Meanwhile you’re in the backseat, chillin’ and listening to headphones or watching movies on a laptop. And, oh, the space! Yeah you can stretch out if you want. And if you have this air mattress back there then you can really stretch out!

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah but wouldn’t it just flop down if you put any weight on the part that’s hanging out past the seat?”

There’s a support piece to prop up that extended part of the mattress!

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