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Smart Oven

Smart Oven

This is probably what it was like to be alive when the first microwaves hit the market.

Could you have gotten by without that first-gen microwave?


You’d been using stovetops and ovens for everything up until that point. Why switch up the process that’s been working so far?

But here we are decades later and you can hardly rent an apartment that doesn’t come with a microwave in it. That’s how much of a basic part of life it’s become.

So keep that in mind when checking out this little smart oven because the technology here is inevitably going to become standard.

This oven detects what food you put in it and cooks it accordingly. It has a food thermometer inside to bring things to just the right temperature. Of course it syncs to your smartphone and just good luck taking a step backward from this after you’ve used it.

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