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Jalapeno Corer with Grilling Rack

Jalapeno Corer with Grilling Rack

Man, it’s been a little while since we had some HEAT up on drunkMall, you know? That spice is where it’s at in life, people! It makes us feel alive! We need it!

Seriously, spicy food is just as much of an addiction as anything else and we’ve got it bad. The hotter, the better. Jalapeño poppers are (usually) not that hot. One could think of the cored jalapeño as a blank canvas, upon which the artist paints his masterpiece. The popper is not about the pepper but what one chooses to create within the pepper. (Ooh, that shit sounded smart. Somebody write that down. Oh, we just did? Cool.)

First, you need to core the peppers, preferably without rubbing the capsaicin oils all over your fingers and ruining your next trip to the bathroom. A good corer comes in handy there. Then, you’ve got to make sure your art isn’t ruined on the grill. Laying poppers down on their sides is a recipe for disaster. Get a good rack to mount those babies upright and you’ll be good to go.

Wouldn’t you know it? We found a great jalapeño corer and grilling rack set!

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