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Raptor Egg Candle

Raptor Egg Candle

For every person who can’t watch Jurassic Park or Game of Thrones without wishing they could get their hands on some gargantuan lizard eggs, we found something fantastic!

When brand-new, this candle looks like a big reptile egg. Light the wick and a raptor infant is revealed as the wax melts down!

The candle comes unscented but you can add some essential oils to it or something if you really need your candles to have a smell when they burn. But if that’s what you’re hung up on then it seems like you’re missing the whole point which is that this is freaking awesome because it’s like a dino egg with a baby dino inside!

Candles are not a safe toy for children or excessively drunk people so please don’t buy this is a gift for a child with a drinking problem, no matter how much they like dinosaurs.

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