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Edible Candles

Edible Candles

Do you have any idea how much birthday candle wax you’ve eaten in your life?

It’s probably a lot more than you think.

Here’s what happens…

There’s the whole “we need a good cake” thing, which usually means some sort of color coordination will be involved with whatever the “theme” of the cake is. Sure, it looks good but that’s where the problem starts…

When the wax candles are the same color as some or all of the icing on the cake then it’s difficult to notice that the guest of honor sprayed melted candle wax all over the cake when they blew out the candles.

Those HILARIOUS candles that are hard to blow out and keep relighting themselves?

Yeah, those are even worse, buddy.

So here’s what you do – get some “candles” that are really just sticks of chocolate!

If you look closely at the photo, you can see that these candle wicks are simply inserted into the top of the decorative chocolate pillar. Light the wick, let the birthday boy/girl/person blow it out and then simply remove the wick to enjoy eating the “candles” along with a wax-free cake!

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