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Pink Lips Ashtray

Pink Lips Ashtray

These ceramic ashtrays look like an open pair of lips.

And, yeah, that’s a little weird because if you imagine a cigarette being ashed into an open mouth, that’s pretty damn gross.

But also it totally fits in with any sort of glam decor, so if you know or are a smoker who has things like Marilyn Monroe posters or 750 specific and individual shades of lipstick in their home, this is the only ashtray for that situation.

By the way, you don’t need to be a cigarette smoker to own an ashtray. First of all, partakers of the sweet leaf who enjoy a joint or perhaps a fine blunt will need an ashtray. Next, even if you don’t smoke anything ever, you will likely have someone over to your place at some point who does and if you send that person outside to smoke without an ashtray then you’re going to end up with cigarette butts on your porch or in your yard.

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