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Miniature Exercise Bike

Miniature Exercise Bike

Get some exercise while keeping your steady diet of audio/visual entertainment intact!

Can’t fit an exercise bike in your place?

Not a problem!

There’s no excuses now because this miniature version of an exercise bike can fit pretty much anywhere you’d have room to sit in a chair or on a sofa to do some watching or gaming!

Depending on how many streaming service passwords you’ve managed to finagle, your cardio and general mobility can take a huge hit living this modern lifestyle. It’s not your fault – it’s the culture. Binging the latest season of *insert buzz show here* while it’s fresh is a total necessity these days. Not only do you feel left out of watercooler conversations if you haven’t seen what everyone is talking about but there are also spoilers to be avoided!

The only way is to keep watching and watching and watching…

This mini exercise bike makes it possible to get a bit of pedaling in while you watch.

Now all we need is that reward system from Black Mirror

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