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Oak Bottle Infuser

Oak Bottle Infuser

Add those treasured oak aromas and flavors at home!

Take a middle shelf whiskey, tequila or rum and throw it in to The Oak Bottle infuser overnight to breathe new life into what ends up in your drinking glass. “Oaking” is a standard process used in crafting many fine spirits and it usually takes months of time to achieve a desirable result.

The Oak Bottle lets you do the same thing at home in just hours!

It’s not only for hard liquors, either. You can use The Oak Bottle to add a charred oak scent and taste to inexpensive wines, balsamic vinegar and even hot sauce or BBQ sauce. The bottle is available in several sizes, from 150ml up to 750ml, so you could do whole bottles at once and then pour them back in to their original bottle.

Bonus points for acting like you don’t know why your bottles of whatever product always taste better than the ones your friends buy.

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