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Poop Emoji Pajama Pants

Poop Emoji Pajama Pants


So hot right now!

Okay, not actual poop – but you can’t deny that poop emoji!

You can’t look anywhere without seeing emoji these days. From the smartphone keyboard to the text message, from the text message to the screenshot posted on social media, from the screenshot to the meme to the capitalist cash grab marketable product!

The implied message here is probably something like “I’m a lazy piece of shit” because these are pajama pants. You know, what you wear when you decide not to get dressed on Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon when you decide to order pizza instead of going out for a late lunch or Saturday night when you decide to bail on your friends to stay home and binge watch Sherlock alone and masturbate to Benedict Cumberbatch’s annoyance with the ineptitude of other human beings…

Probably could have left that last part out of this.

Oh well, you get it.

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