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Lifelike Tupac Mask

Lifelike Tupac Mask

It’s no hologram but this mask of Tupac Shakur’s head can get the job done!

Honestly, it’s almost creepy how lifelike this thing is. Like, if you’re gonna be wearing it on the East Coast then you might want to go full tilt boogie and hook yourself up with a bulletproof vest for the night as well. Those old school beefs die hard, ya heard?

But really, think about how easy it’s going to be in just a few years to make masks that look this good for anyone you want. We’re easily less than ten years away from the quality of masks used in the first Mission Impossible movie. It won’t be just famous people, either…

So get ready, ladies and gentlemen. This is what the future looks like!

Lifelike Tupac masks for everybody!

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