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Clear Cowgirl Boots

Clear Cowgirl Boots


Fashion, ever hear of it?

This is what it looks like, fuckaroos.

These cowgirl boots are ready to rock 4 inch stiletto heels, metallic pink finish, Western wear style toe stitching and clear vinyl sides decorated with even more Wester flair! Let’s just say that turning heads will not be a challenge if you wear these out on the town.

Never worn boots before?

Don’t be nervous!

This pair has a zip-up back for easy on-and-off. Those “windows” on the side are good for showing off leg tattoos or some cute socks, if you don’t want to go the barefoot route. (Honestly, you probs want to at least wear some ankle socks or slip-on booties, even with the zipper closure.)

Remember, it’s not about following a trend, it’s about being a trendsetter before everyone else!

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