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Frustratingly Difficult Word Search Book

Frustratingly Difficult Word Search Book

You may be surprised that, “Damn, I wish this word search was harder,” is a thought that’s been had but at least one person has sat around thinking that exact thing, apparently.

Ivan Samokish is a web developer who’s self-published a couple coloring books on Amazon in his spare time as the Umma Gumma series. This entry is a word search activity book where the letters of all the words you need to find from a list have been smashed randomly into a clutter all over the page, rather than neatly arranged in a typed grid as you’ve no doubt seen before.

Attempting to use a different color crayon for each word has been suggested as one method to make the experience a little smoother, should you be concerned about anyone judging you for your ability to successfully color in a book.

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