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Bacon Towel

Bacon Towel

It’s a good thing this hand towel isn’t as greasy as it looks! The quality of printing on these things is really getting out of control. It almost looks too real…

Even the most devout bacon lover may shy away from wiping their face with fabric depicting strips of bacon glistening with fat. Then again, some of you are really weird. (You should see the conversations we have on Twitter with drunkMall fans. It’s always bizarre.)

Measuring 11″ by 18″ inches, this is a standard hand (or sports) towel. So if you’ve got one those rings on the wall next to the sink in your bathroom? This is the kind of towel that would go in there. It’s also the size of towel that golfers will have hanging from their bag of clubs, if you’re the Rodney Dangerfield of your local country club.

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