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Scratch-Off Travel Map

Scratch-Off Travel Map

Keep track of the places you’ve visited around the world with this fun scratch-off map!

Not everyone has the travel bug – and that’s fine – but so many of us get that ramblin’ fever deep down in our souls and we’ve got to go! Get out there! See the world, ma!

And there’s so much world to see out there. Once you’ve gone somewhere and seen it for yourself, you’ll always carry it with you on the inside. But it’s also fun to have an external record of all the ground you’ve covered on this planet, something to sit back and appreciate.

That’s where this map comes into the picture. Throw it up on your wall and you’ll be able to scratch-off countries as you visit them. The “scratch-off” part works just like a lottery ticket. Once a section has been “scratched” it reveals a different color underneath, for easy identification of visited and non-visited places!

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