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Air Conditioner Cooler

Air Conditioner Cooler

It’s a cooler that keeps your drinks cold and helps keep you from overheating too!

This is the IcyBreeze and it’s here to change summer forever.

You will need access to a 110v power supply but once you’ve got that then this cooler has 38 quarts of cooler space. You’ll pack that with ice (and drinks and whatever else) and then there’s a flexible hose with a three speed fan that can blow cool air where you want!

If the future is made of gadgets coming together to perform multiple functions then sign us up, baby, cuz we’re here for it! Even if there’s a chance it leads to some Skynet/evil Transformers thing, well, it’s worth the risk…

Because anyone who wouldn’t want a cooler that can also hit them with a blast of cold air on a hot day has never spent a summer in Texas!

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