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Keyless Entry Smart Lock

Keyless Entry Smart Lock

Unlock doors using a smartphone!

Here at drunkMall, we’re always saying how important it is to not leave home with car keys while intending to drink. The only keys a drunk person should have in their possession are the keys necessary to get that drunk person through the locked doors standing between them and their bed. That’s it.

The decisions a drunk person makes have nothing to do with the decisions that drunk person already made when they were sober several hours before.

“I’ll drive down to the bar and take a taxi home.”

Eh, maybe. Maybe not. Worth the risk? Absolutely not.

Which is why this keyless entry technology is so amazing. No keys! Just unlock that door with the smartphone app! Now all you have to do is figure out a way to keep from calling your ex while you have the phone out…

(Note that the lock can also be opened using a physical key. Phone batteries die sometimes, duh.)

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