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Bunny Lamp

Bunny Lamp

Did some bunny order a new lamp?

Not yet – but that’s what you’re about to do.

Everyone needs lamps. And everyone needs an excuse to smile every day for no stupid reason. Now, obviously, the same thing isn’t going to make you smile every single day. You’re not some kind of daft moron. You’ll have bad days, you’ll have days when you’re on autopilot and don’t notice the funny little things. But sometimes, even in those days, this little ceramic bunny lamp where the bulb looks like a cute tail, well, it’s gonna be the thing that makes you crack a smile.

The lamp takes a 40 watt bulb, so the (non-shaded) light won’t be too bright or anything. Also, this thing is actually discontinued, so if you do like it then you need to pick one up immediately, while you still can!

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