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Wax Rope Candle

Wax Rope Candle

This candle has a timer built in to the design!

Pretty much every candle will burn as long as you let it. Not necessarily a good thing. Houses have burned down because of it, for sure. This candle isn’t like other candles, though.

That coil up there is actually a thin rope of beeswax a.k.a. candle fuel. The thing that looks like a tiny brass cup at the top of the apparatus is sort of a clamp that holds the wax in place while the wick burns. The neat part is that the wick will only burn down to the bottom of that clamp, so when you turn the dial to put more wax above the clamp you’re choosing how long you want the candle to burn!

So whether you need ten minutes or an hour of candlelight, dial it up and get it lit, fam!

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