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Slutty Cereals

Slutty Cereals

Start off your day the freaky way with some kinked out breakfast cereal!

It’s not an ad agency mockup. It’s not a joke.

These cereals are the real deal, available for purchase and enjoyment right now!

Unless you grew up with buzzkill parents then you ought to remember the singular childhood joy of going to the cereal cupboard for a brightly colored and unopened box of name brand cereal you were allowed to choose at the store. Opening that box and pouring all that sugar into a bowl with milk was almost as good as the cartoons themselves on a Saturday morning.

Cereal Motel looks like they set out to recreate that experience for adult life. That essentially means adding a healthy dose of sexuality to the whole situation. From Vice Krispies to Porn Flakes, Sugar Tits to Booty Pops – these cereals wanna get you going first thing in the morning!

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