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Pink Instacam

Pink Instacam

This. Camera. Is. Everything!

Look at that shade of pink!

We haven’t seen a pink camera this amazing since the Spice Girls/Polaroid collab back in the 90s.

This isn’t a Polaroid camera but it’s another brand of instant camera, so it does essentially the same thing. Except (and this is even better too, in our opinion) the instant exposures are way smaller and cuter than a polaroid picture.

Fujifilm is the manufacturer on this one and they make amazing cameras. This specific model has been setup with selfies in mind. Look closely by the lens and you’ll see a small mirror placed there for taking selfies. There’s also a “High-Key” mode that provides a softer (read: more forgiving) result in the developed photo, perfect for selfies!

This is the perfect tool to capture all the memories you’ll be making this summer!

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