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NES Controller to USB

NES Controller to USB

It’s tragic but Nintendo hasn’t manufactured the original NES since 1995. At best, your official NES and accessories are 20 years old and that’s a scary thought for those of us still addicted to those classic games. Every time we have to take the cartridge out and blow in it, that thought is always creeping in at the corners: Oh no, this could finally be it…

Now, we haven’t looked into the rumors of these things which are allegedly called emulators and allow you to play old games on your computer. But wouldn’t it be great if there were these things called emulators that let you play old video games on your computer? And then wouldn’t it be great if someone made a controller that was exactly the same as the controller on that old system and could be connected to your computer to play those old games for years and years to come?

Yeah, that would be pretty freakin’ sweet, wouldn’t it?

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