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Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure

Vincent Van Gogh Action Figure

X-Men and The Flash aren’t the kind of heroes everyone needs but those are pretty much the only game in town for action figures.

It makes sense.

The word “action” is right there. The little doll has to have moving parts and the craziest movements that we can imagine are the type of shit superheroes would do.

Alright, fine.

But Van Gogh’s work with a paintbrush is just as magical to art students and he was fucking real.

And he had moving parts, too!

In fact, Van Gogh pretty famously removed one of his parts and that’s the basis for this clever action figure!

Currently taking backers on Kickstarter, this Vincent Van Gogh action figure stands about 5 inches tall and is made of PVC. The box it comes in can also be cut up and made into an easel with some of his most famous paintings on it!

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