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Psycho Shower Canvas Print

Psycho Shower Canvas Print

Deadly cool artwork for the horror aficionado!

Taking the most infamous kill scene in cinema history as inspiration, this piece depicts a mysterious kitchen knife-wielding hand creeping towards a young woman taking a shower.

Naturally, we recommend hanging this canvas print in the bathroom of your home. You know, just in case anyone is about to use your shower without thinking of the shower scene from Psycho then this will be hanging there to remind them right before they get in the water!

What, that’s not a nice thing to do?

Oh, well. Choose your friends more wisely or get a sense of humor, kids!

If you know someone with a bookshelf full of horror blu-rays, this is the kind of artwork they want to be given as a gift.

We found this on Society 6, so you can get the same design on a bunch of different types of product. Unfortunately, it’s not available as a shower curtain.

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