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Creepy Realistic Poodle Mask

Creepy Realistic Poodle Mask

These animals masks are getting out of control.

When those horse masks first showed up, they were pretty deep in WTF territory. Now they seem tame in comparison to the things we’ve seen since then. The latest creeptastic costume to hit the e-market is this poodle mask that looks way, way too real.

Imagine you’re drunk or high and some dude wearing this walks into an elevator with you or something. You’d be freaking out inside, right? Wondering if you’re hallucinating or totally losing your mind. And who could blame you? It looks that real!

The mask is made from latex and has synthetic hair for the fur. Feel free to play practical jokes but make sure you know your target because coming face-to-face with a human-poodle can make people do crazy things with no warning at all.

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