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Octopus Pint Glasses

Octopus Pint Glasses

Pint glasses with mysterious octopus tentacles rising up from the base, as if those strange creatures of the deep are reaching for the head of your delicious beer!

If you missed The Top 20 Drunk Buys of 2016, we unearthed some surprising data regarding drunk shopping trends. It turns out that octopus related items are extremely popular with drunk online shoppers. Who knew?

Well, we know now, so we’ll definitely be trying to find more stuff like this to post on the site. For now, you should probably check out the chtulhu tag for more posts because our obsession with that crazy tentacled monster is likely what lead to us posting any octopus gear in the first place.

Do us a favor though: if you do like octopus stuff, buy a ton of these glasses and let us know it wasn’t a fluke!

[If this post got you feeling brave then you should see if you can handle drunkMall’s Monsters Are Real Gift Guide – it’s scary cool!]

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