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Bicycle Headlight and Taillight

Bicycle Headlight and Taillight

Bicycle safety just got a bit safetier. Okay, well, that’s clearly not a word. Whatever.

Headlights. Taillights.

These are safety measures installed on every car that’s legal to drive in The Unites States.

Why don’t we have these on bicycles then?

Hey, what if we did?

Bing, bang, boom – these are how you get things done, people!

Ask a question, make it happen – it’s the story of America!

For real though, put a headlight and a taillight on your bike. Every little bit helps. Even if you’ve never made a riding mistake in your life, there’s still the fact that your safety is in the hands of every other person in transit around you, in whatever vehicles they’re in, with whatever vision impairments or attention deficits they may have…

Make yourself harder to hit by making yourself easier to see!

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