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Testicular Tea Bag

Testicular Tea Bag

Tired of everyone assuming you aren’t tough because you drink tea instead of coffee?

Put some balls in your cup!

It’s the Testicle Teabag, y’all!

Take that tired metal tea ball infuser you’ve been using and throw that shit in the trash, son!

The Testicle Teabag is a reusable cloth pouch that you can use with any of your favorite loose leaf teas. Just throw that tea into the ball pouch, dunk that sac into a mug of hot water like the last time you went skinny dipping in a hot tub, wait 3-5 minutes (depending on your chosen tea) and then remove the bag to enjoy your macho brew!

If you feel like plopping the soggy bag of tea on someone’s forehead after your tea is made, hey, that’s between you and your god.

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