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LED Showerhead

LED Showerhead

Showers are so boring. You stand there and clean yourself while staring at the wall or rereading the shampoo bottle for the ten thousandth time or spacing out and thinking about that time you unknowingly came out of the bathroom in ninth grade with toilet paper hanging out the back of your pants and everyone laughed at you and…

Okay maybe not that last part but you get the point. If you’re showering alone, ain’t much going on in there….

Until now!

This showerhead changes all of that by coloring the water stream with LED lights. Here’s the best part: no batteries are required for this showerhead to do its party light thing!

That’s right, the lights are water-powered and turn on along with the water for the shower. There are 7 colors of light and the LED showerhead cycles through the colors automatically.

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