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Denim Flip Flops

Denim Flip Flops

Oh damn yeah!

You know what time it is, boys and girls?

It’s time for another fashion lesson.

Today’s topic is flip flops.

Here’s the thing about flip flops: no rules, bitches!

Think about it. This is a style of footwear named after the sound they make when you’re clopping around in them, wearing whatever else you do (or don’t) have on at the moment, which is probably also not suitable for dinner in a fancy restaurant. So screw it!

If you’re gonna cut loose, cut all the way loose. Go whole hog! Grab yourself a pair of these denim flip flops today! It’s the exact same look you’ve gone back to time and time again, the classic Levi Strauss blue jeans look…

Only this time that look has been updated to wear on your feet!


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