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UFO Detector

UFO Detector

Holy Anunnaki!

Did you know that anyone who wants to can buy a UFO detector?

You’d think those things would be classified or require some sort of license or something but guess not.

In addition to looking pretty neat with that crop circle design on top, this device monitors electromagnetic activity in the area, sounding a little alarm when a “disturbance” is detected.

When in normal monitoring mode, blue LED lights rotate in a circular pattern, shifting to flashing red lights accompanied by beeping noises when anomalies are caught nearby. The UFO Detector is powered by a wall adapter (not batteries), so we’re talking 24/7 UFO Detection here!

17th run through the original X Files series got you more than a little paranoid about receiving some visitors from the sky? Still aren’t convinced Paranormal Activity wasn’t really a documentary?

This is the UFO Detector for you!

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