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Polaroid Toilet Paper Roll and Camera-Shaped Holder

Polaroid Toilet Paper Roll and Camera-Shaped Holder

A picture is worth a thousand words, so…

Eh, maybe we won’t finish that thought.

If you don’t think about the philosophical implications of wiping butts with nice pictures of houses and flowers and clouds and stuff, this is a pretty neat addition to a bathroom. All the photos and stuff are on the special toilet paper, too, which you don’t have to use.

The camera-shaped toilet paper holder works just as well with regular toilet paper. Oh, wait. Cameras in the bathroom isn’t necessarily the best association to give houseguests, either, now that we think about it. We saw this website once…

You know what? It’s probably fine. If you’re a photographer, then it’s probably fine. Model Mayhem “photographers,” well, they’ve got bigger problems than their toilet paper holder to worry about anyway. Real photographers, we say this is totally righteous to have in your bathroom!

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