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Fake Grass Phone Case

Fake Grass Phone Case

This is the perfect phone case for texters who have a green thumb.

First off, this isn’t a phone case with a high definition graphic of grass. This is a textured, simulated grass, like you’d find on some sporting fields, particularly in Texas…

Like many of the products found on drunkMall, this comes from the far off land of Japan. As a result, the description doesn’t make a lot of sense. But does that really matter? Anyone who wants this is going to know right away that they have to have it, right?

What do you need to know?

Okay, will it grow if you water it? No. It won’t. It’s fake grass, not a Chia pet phone case. (Though, someone will probably make one of those, too, after they see this.)

Will a goat try to eat your phone if this case is on it? Probably yeah, dude. But a goat would probably try to eat your phone without this case on it, too. Goats will try to eat anything.

What kind of phone does it fit? iPhone 5 and 5s, baby!

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