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Your Best Gym Bag

Your Best Gym Bag

If you aren’t gonna do your best then what’s the point of doing anything at all, right?

Look your best, stretch your best, feel your best, give it your best shot – it all adds up!

Some people will tell you that it’s not a competition. That’s bullshit.

It’s always a competition but not necessarily against anyone else. You can be completely alone and it’s still a competition because it’s a struggle against that part of yourself that wants to give up and quit before you hit your goal! The competition is against yourself and nobody else ever even has to hear about it.

But you can brag a little bit if you want. This adorable duffel bag is printed with the words I DID MY BEST on the side. Whether you’re coming back from a yoga class, trip to the gym or a game of basketball, you’ll know you did your best and so will everyone else!

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