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Smartphone Seduction Book

Smartphone Seduction Book

A collection of witty, flirty pre-written texts you can send to that beautiful girl you just met…

Yeah, if you’re trying to be on the front page of /r/cringepics tomorrow.

Ask your grandfather if he remembers the advertisements in the back of comic books from when he was a kid. It was all a bunch of novelty stuff that seems dumb now but, honestly, most of it was just the 1960s versions of everything we post on drunkMall: “shock” cigarette lighters, soap that turned your hands black aaaaand seduction manuals.

We got ahold of one of those old pickup pamphlets once, titled A Guaranteed Way to Make Her Spread Her Legs. The instructions were brief:

  1. Light a match.
  2. Toss it in her lap.

While this book seems to be more earnest than that old pamphlet, it probably won’t bring a much better success rate with Tinder matches. Good for a laugh, though!

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