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Left Shark Sunglasses

Left Shark Sunglasses

In February of 2015, Katy Perry played the Halftime Show at The Super Bowl and it’s a performance that will live on through the ages. Not necessarily because of Katy’s actual performance, which was amazing. But because of one man… in a shark costume…

If you go back and watch the video now, it’s difficult to see how or why that left shark became such a viral sensation. But you’ve got to remember that this Katy Perry Halftime Show was hyped up more than anything else in the world that night and Twitter was paying very close attention.

All it took was the right people at the right time, noticing that Left Shark didn’t seem as “rehearsed” as everyone else on the stage and identifying with Left Shark’s dedication to keeping up appearances and… Well, it was kinda like looking in the mirror for a lot of us.

Which brings us, finally, to these killer party shades! It’s Left Shark right on your sunglasses! This is a party and none of know what we’re doing but we’re gonna do it anyway! Yeah, Left Shark it, baby!

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