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80s and 90s Trivia

80s and 90s Trivia

The thing about trivia is that you don’t actually have to be “smart” by any objective definition of the word in order to dominate the night and take home first place.

You really just need to be familiar with the source material.

So, heads up, millennials!

If you weren’t too traumatized by the death of your tamagotchi to pay attention to the rest of the era, you stand a decent chance of putting in a good performance in this 80s and 90s Trivia Game!

The categories of the game are TV, music, movies, sports and culture. So basically if you watched more than, say, 80 hours of MTV a week, then this is the trivia game for you!

We’re talking Michael Jordan facts, Nintendo 64, cheesy horror movies and cheesier cheeseburgers. It’s all the stuff you never knew you didn’t forget!

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