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Japanese Erotica Coloring Book

Japanese Erotica Coloring Book

Get some sexy inspiration from coloring time with the Japanese Erotica coloring book!

There’s a rich history of erotica in Japanese painting and this coloring book takes its cues from that tradition. Grab some crayons, maybe grab a coloring partner and get ready to add some life and color to sexual scenes.

Actually, it’s not that there’s a long history of erotica in Japanese art. Really their entire culture has had a much different viewpoint of sexuality than you’ll find in the West and they’ve had that perspective for thousands of years…

Courtesans, geishas, pillow-books, sex toys – all of these things and more were embraced by the Japanese long before The United States even existed! Prepare to have your eyes opened to the erotic realities of Eastern tradition while leisurely coloring some pictures!

Have fun…

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