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Twerking Puppy Puzzle

Twerking Puppy Puzzle

Awww, look at the cute little puppy dog doing a yoga pose!

Wait a second…

That dog’s back feet are off the ground! It… It’s twerking!

Face down, ass up – that’s the way we like to pup-py!

Cue up your favorite Big Freedia bounce track because this little guy is giving new meaning to “downward dog” right before your very eyes!

Or, it will be happening right before your eyes as soon as you get this puzzle put together. Don’t worry – it’s not a difficult one. Only 252 unassembled jigsaw puzzle pieces stand between you and appreciation of this glorious image in the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve finished, you can even frame it to keep the joy alive and on display all the time! Or take it back apart and store the pieces in the included designer box until the next time you feel like solving a puzzle.

Good doggy!

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