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8-Bit Pokéball Sweater

8-Bit Pokéball Sweater

One double cheeseburger and a six pack of beer, I choose you!

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it, most of the ugly Christmas sweaters people keep posting are lame ducks. Also, Christmas is over! So, this isn’t even a Christmas sweater!

This is just an ordinary, “I’m badass and going to the mall to get some Dippin’ Dots” sweater.

Since this sweater will technically be more accurate the more round you are, perhaps we should add it to the list of Things You Can Do with a Prosthetic Santa Belly.

Pokémon is due for a major comeback in American pop culture, by the way. We don’t have the scoop on another game or movie or anything. It’s just been a while since something from our childhood was resurrected and strip-mined for cash.

This sweater is nice!

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