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Black Playing Cards

Black Playing Cards

Add a touch of class to card night!

There’s nothing wrong with a regular deck of playing cards.

Red- and blue-backed cards are a classic. They get the job done and they’ve been doing so for a really long time.

But for everyone who wants to step it up a notch, here’s a deck of sleek black playing cards with a whole lot of extra style!

Made by Bicycle, the Black Deck Tigers deck has the same pattern on the back as a regular Bicycle deck, only in white ink on a field of black. The paper is thick luxury stock for the highest quality playing experience offered by the US Playing Card Company.

The face of the playing cards is also black, with the red suits (hearts and diamonds) printed in red but the traditionally black suits of spades and clubs are printed in white ink.

If you happen to have a black light over the playing area, the cards will pop even more!

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