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Japanese Godzilla Shirt

Japanese Godzilla Shirt

Godzilla is the king of all monsters. This is not open for debate.

You can practically hear that ear-splitting scream when you look at the graphic on this t-shirt. The Japanese katakana characters up the right spell “GOJIRA,” which is Godzilla’s original name in Japan.

People who’ve only seen the most recent Godzilla movie, or GOD FORBID that Matthew Broderick atrocity from The ’90s, may think this photo of Godzilla looks a little different than the monster they’ve seen. Kids, please do yourselves a favor and immediately see as many of Toho Productions’ old Godzilla movies as you can find. They are amazing. The special effects are dated as Hell, the acting is ridiculous but there’s some sort of magic that just makes it work.

Everyone who’s already been converted to the church of kaiju, this is that shirt you want.

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