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Face Mask Sampler Set

Face Mask Sampler Set

There are entirely too many beauty products available in the world right now.

Some of you know exactly what skin type you have, exactly what products you need to use for that skin type and you never no never have to deal with a blemish because you, your dermatological knowledge and life are all just wonderful.

Good for you.

The rest of us are sitting on our hands to keep from picking at our faces and wondering if there’s just one product out there that could solve all these troubles…

When it comes to face masks, we can help.

This is a sampler pack of a good company’s face mask sheets. You get eleven individual mask sheets per order, each mask with a different purpose and goal. So grab an order of these and get yourself a little pad to take notes because even if you don’t like one of these enough to purchase it by itself in bulk, you should at least be able to determine what style of face mask you like best, what ingredients work best with your skin, etc.

Good luck!

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